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    Police suspend Jewish visits to Temple Mount

    By Haaretz Service

    Jerusalem police, fearing violent Palestinian
    riots, have suspended visits by non-Moslems to the
    Temple Mount – a site holy to Jews,
    Christians and Moslems alike.

    The move, comes in response to
    anger at a decision earlier
    this month to ease restrictions
    on Jewish prayers on the Temple
    Mount, which were suspended in
    September 2000, following the
    outbreak of violence that
    accompanied Prime Minister
    Ariel Sharon's controversial
    visit to the site. Palestinians

    say the visit sparked the Al-Aqsa Intifada,
    named for the mosque on the mount.

    A police spokesman said that the decision was
    taken because of 'operation consideration,'
    and declined to say when the visits would be
    renewed. Last Friday's Moslem prayers on the
    Temple Mount were closed to Palestinians under
    the age of 40, after intelligence reports
    suggested that riots were planned. The prayers,
    attended by 11,000 worshippers, ended without

    Concerns have increased in recent days that
    Palestinian officials will be asked to inflame
    passions at the Mount and bring about riots
    during the prayers, in wake of the resumption
    of incitement in Palestinian media.

    Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat
    warned last week of "grave consequences" if
    Israel continues to allow Jews to visit the
    Temple Mount. Palestinian Prime Minister
    Mahmoud Abbas called the Israeli act
    "provocative," and Arab League
    Secretary-General Amr Mussa called the
    developments "very dangerous" and "an insult to
    Moslems everywhere."

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