telstra's no compete clause

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    Telstra seem to have made a serious mistake of judgement in agreeing not to compete with the NBN using wireless technology. So much for compitition policy. It may be the end of them.

    The NBN know wireless is a threat, hence their insertion of the clause. The USA is going to implement their network using wireless so that technology will rapidly evolve.

    Telstra won't have its old copper network to rest on any more. It agreed to dismantle it for the benefit of the NBN. It won't be able to compete using wireless.

    However other innovative companies (newer, nimble ones)will be able to outflank the NBN and Telstra with wireless.

    The only way this will be avoided will be for the government to ban these emerging better technologies.If it did that Australia really would become a backwater.

    NBN and Telstra will be stuck with yesterdays technology and unable to evolve. Dinosaurs.

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