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    Hmmm... the antics of TLS and Mansfield/Ziggy Combo certainly do not make you go ... "mmmmmmmmmmmm" and are well documented here on HC ...

    Latest and according to AFR w/e are interesting ...

    Dick Alston is playing a double game it seems ... the real game is yet to become evident ...

    My pal Alan Kholer repeated my comments here concerning disgusting 'line rental increases' ... and noteworthy he also picked up on the cool $1billion plus 'cash grab' that would go straight to TLS bottom line without costing the dinosaur one dime to implement ... only a few crumbs back to whinging pensioners for whom a telephone is already relegated to that of an object requiring occasional 'dusting' as they cannot actually afford to 'use' the thing ...

    For those who need help with the sums ... call charge discounts/rebates won't help pensioners here ... did you hear that Dick ...?

    TLS 'slip of the lip' quote was that the increased revenue from line-rental increases would go to reduce call charges and increase competition ... huh??? .. did I miss something here ... wasn't the increase to balance revenue/cost of providing/maintaining fixed lines ... ???

    The plot only thickens as this Pandora's box reveals more of it's monopolistic secrets ...

    Dick has smelled the rat ... has introduced new reporting criteria and specifically that TLS should show separate financials for wholesale and retail ... good move Dick ... will be really handy at the next Senate enquiry no doubt ...

    Reportedly, Bob Mansfield can be heard screaming aloud which is interesting given that he currently is in Singapore ... Ziggy apparently has taken up 'kicking chairs' to release his frustrations ...

    Everyone remembered Peter penciling in $5.46 as his preferred number for T3 and given the current $5.00 has sliced over $2billion off that lot ... T3 who ...???

    The current TLS regime is shaky ... Dick's move to separate TLS financial reporting seems to suggest that the idea of splitting TLS (infrastructure/services) has not all together gone away ...

    The Foxtel deal brings with it the possiblity of a PBL/NCP/TLS animal that is so complex and outright scary that if unleashed could take the next decade to recapture and tame ...

    Another idea Dick ... at current earnings/taxation levels (plus $1bill rip-off) I have calculated that WE (OZ shareholders who own 51%) could BUY BACK and pay for the 49% we sold in just 11.2 years ... the dividend/taxation stream is HUGE and if deconstructed into manageable entities ensuring competition etc ... would be a nice little earner ...

    Further, could also give pensioners a 50% DECREASE in line-rental to $10.00/month.

    I like many, believe that Telecommunications infrastructure is too important a national asset on which we all depend to be in greedy private hands and our experience at the mercy of TLS is evidence of this ...

    This is only my view ... read the red stuff.

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