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  1. Enn
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    Three months ago I severed my connection (landline and mobile) with Telstra.
    Final account came in showing a credit balance of $72.
    No indication of when/how this would be refunded to me.
    The inevitable long call centre waits then the unintelligible responses.
    Now eight phone calls with promises that the 'cheque has been raised' but there is just a delay in processing.

    I'm beginning to think they just make it so difficult that you give up and go away (which I'm considering for the sake of just $72) but don't see why they should get away with that.

    Is the only remaining option to go to the Telecommunicatins Ombudsman? The TLS website has no facility that I can find to actually send them an email outlining the situation and requesting immediate payment of the refund.

    It is now 7 weeks since I received the final a/c showing credit balance.

    I'd be grateful for any help anyone can offer.
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