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    Hi ture,

    I had a similar problem. Rodents in the roof had chewed some of the wire. Telstra replaced it. Another time, it was a problem with the ISP and the ISP checked all the dial-up-networking settings and gave another dial in number to try which then worked OK.

    Telstra's response to you was not good enough. Write a letter of complaint to them. It's easier to fob you off on the phone. Also you could get in touch with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

    Friend of the family gets in touch with ombudsmen with good success. He reckons that when the banking ombudsman writes to the bank on his behalf, the bank gets charged $200 per letter. I don't know if the same applies when the telecommunications ombudsman writes to Telstra.

    Mind you, if I could get ADSL, I'd jump at it. But will be a long time before they upgrade the exchange I'm hooked into.

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