Telstra and Adsl

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    I have worked out the reason for the surge in broadband connections. Whilst I use telstra cable about a year ago I had a second line installed for my fax machine and for the kids' internet connection (I can't hook all the computers in the house (currently 4) to the cable connection without networking them which means running cable all throught the house - not really an option). For the last couple of weeks my son's ozemail connection either has not worked at all or disconnects after a minute or so. I have connected 2 computers to the line and the problem is definitely a telstra problem rather than an ozemail or modem problem. What is Telstra's response? Well the say that they only guarantee that a phone line will work with a phone and if I want to connect foreign devices like a modem and fax machine to the line that is my problem. They don't deny that the problem is due to the poor line quality ( I should add that I live in the metropolitan area about 1km from the exchange). And the solution - well have I considered signing up for ADSL. At this stage I don't see I have much choice because the kids need the internet for school but does anyone have any other ideas. Thanks in advance.

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