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The at home sleep tests are indeed very important..the real life...

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    The at home sleep tests are indeed very important..the real life test to putting a smartphone next to your bed versus all wired up with gadgets for measurement in a clinic where Its already got excellent results while the patient sleeps in the quiet clinic room.
    At home we have all those other sounds. Dogs, partners, TV sounds from adjacent rooms, kids coming in who cant find their phone chargers! Err! , pagers going off, calls coming in on the phone. etc etc. its hard to get a good nights sleep without the pressure of knowing your phone is listening to you all night anyway. They may have mitigated some of these problems.Eg put the phone in aeroplane mode and other simple advice. Eg not under a pillow! Yes some people are that smart! What we do know is that the since the first USA trial, where extraneous sound basically stuffed up the quality of sound to be analysed, they have made huge steps forward in that aspect. Professor Abeyratne’s algorithyms can just as easily differentiate a dog snore as easily as it differentiates a TV sound from the particular sound pattern of human breathing or the more sophisticated detail in pneumonia sounds vs asthma.
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