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    G'day @FrankMe thanks for sharing and caring Frankie boy that was a great read! Hopefully Ted will be made with the finest quality FR materials on the planet, you will be sleeping easy on your environmentally friendly flame retardant Sealy Posturepedic mattress, thanks to you know who.

    Little scenario for you----although you've kept yourself and ted safe from nasty halogenated flame retardants, baby Ted awakes with a nasty cough ! Hmmm What to do?! It's 1am, you need to get ready for work in 5 more hours. should you rush to the doctors office and wait for hours on end in the hope that the doc diagnose your little monkey correctly with a 20% chance he might get it wrong! After countless amounts of testing and hundreds of dollars, not to mention the radiation going through Ted's stuffing, the doc comes back with the verdict---"nothing serious mate just give him some cough medicine". "If symptoms persist bring him back for further testing". Ok so now you have to take the day off work. This stress you out and you start cursing in your head. You're casual so you don't get paid. Looks like tonight your eating baked beans ! Two Weeks Later the same thing happens again , thank God you discovered Telehealth you simply logged into your computer and saw a physician live via video link in a number of minutes. Little ted coughed 5 times near your laptop or tablet, thankfully all leading Telehealth providers have ResAppDX software installed. The results are spat out in minutes with more than 90% accuracy. The doctor online advises you to do the same thing the doctor suggested last time you visited the hospital this time you don't pump Ted full of radiation no necessary waiting at the hospital freeing up time for the doctors to treat 'actual emergencies' you rest easy knowing Little Ted is safe and you go to work the next day knowing when you arrive back home you'll have a roast dinner with a glass of red!

    This could be a realty very soon. It would be even speedier when it is available to the general public to download from the App Store. But if I had the choice as a parent I would more then likely choose to speak to a doctor online, however if I was just diagnosing myself and not my kid I would choose option b and just download the Resapp app directly and cough cough five times into my smart phone!

    Technology is only getting smarter and unfortunately human beings are only becoming Dumber...

    Nice to hear from you Frank and a great post as usual

    Happy weekend!


    Red bar
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