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    Sorry to repost, just doing my bit to fend off the future T/O offers...

    Hey rappers....

    Just a thought on T/O offers..

    Talking about what is a "fair" offer is great to discuss, it's always been my firm belief if Resapp shareholders can fight off the numerous offers that will temp us the stratosphere is the limit.

    Only a fool would accept the first offer, business 101... even a blue collar worker like me knows that. So when the second or third offer rolls in that's more than some have dreamed, what's the number people??

    The reality is the "dream" offer is going to be a bargain for the new owners, buying a world first FDA approved class two medical diagnostic tool only using any smartphone.

    A product with zero competitors that will saves countries/insurers billions of dollars pa & most importantly save millions of lives worldwide is so difficult to put a price on.

    Entertaining a T/O offer before the results of the MGH collaboration has been completed (2years +) which will no doubt shine more light the algorithms range of illness diagnosis is diabolically short sighted.

    Why would you sell a unicorn without knowing it's capabilities?

    Whatever offer people think is their "dream number" is a fraction of what the SP will be if Resapp's shareholders allow the company to grow at a geometric rate for the first three years of commercialization..

    By then rappers we will be to bloody expensive!!!
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