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teefer...working out copper numbers

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    How long do you think it might take to bring this to JORC once they start? Presuming the cores will go to Ireland where the queues are a lot faster than Aussie labs.

    What do they need?
    Specific gravity...
    native copper versus chalcocite......
    or has this already been known to get to the 7.1 mt @ 2.14% figures?

    Care to try and attribute a per share value on 40% ownership?

    Included amongst the copper licences is Cachoeiras de Binga on which over 6,000 metres of core has been drilled. A non JORC compliant resource of 7.1 million tonnes of ore grading 2.14% copper has been defined there already. The immediate objective of Fortitude is to bring this resource to a JORC standard.
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