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    Where are the useful posts on HC TNE is fairing about as well as other small cap stocks at the moment. A 3% (or 2 cent) fall is not an issue in a spec stock in the current market.

    If you want stocks being trashed look at CIY and EKL today.

    Excuse the slightly rude response but I've only recently started posting on Hot Copper. It appears to me that most posts are either:

    1. Personal criticism or abuse. Any one who puts up a comment on what they think will happen to a stock is often attacked rather than constructive alternate views being posted. Why would you bother posting if you are going to be criticised everytime you try. (This also leads to long threads with people trying to justify why it wasn't their fault which are equally tedious)
    2. Why has my stock dropped a few cents. Most times if people looked beyone their own holdings they would find that its happening to everyone else as well.
    3. People continually pushing their stock irrespective of whether the price is going up or down. For some of the smaller stocks it makes you wonder why unless they have a significant holding. On the larger stocks no amount of spruiking on this forum could budge the price even a cent despite the comments by some who accuse posters of "ramping" some of the big cap stocks.

    People with something valuable to add must be leaving in droves. If you don't believe me take a random selection of 20 consecutive posts and you will probably find only a few that genuinely try and give useful information.

    (I'm not excluding myself from this criticsim by the way)

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$8.93 $8.93 $8.84 $10.64M 1.198M

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5 15093 $8.89

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$8.91 2600 2
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