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technicals for those who are int erested

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    Gday all,

    fwiw there is no technical basis for the buying that is now occuring at 6.8/6.9.

    INT had formed a support of sorts at 7.0 merely on the basis of having bounced there three times but the actual technical base lies lower at 6.0c

    Now, there is nothing to guarentee of course that it will get here but I would not be at all suprised given the constant selling by Amro to see one big line knock out everything to 6.0 and therefore complete the fall.

    This would also make a very compelling reason to buy (which given INT's financial situation if you are a fundamentalist is also missing) is very much required from somewhere.

    Guess its just a coincidence that market depth more or less runs out at 6.1c ?


    Good luck to all either holding or prospective owners.
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