Technical difficulties with Dealforfree

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    It seems that later at night data coming to me is often out of sync with what they quote later on when I execute an order.

    1. I have cleaned out the cache and made other changes to no avail
    2. could it be a router that is doing this (anything up to 10 mins delayed when I execute an order)?
    3. sometimes data seems to sync with CNBC quotes but different by the time they receive it on their end
    4. after a requote, I press the 'buy' button only to find that they often don't receive it on their side for a long time, meaning that I miss out.

    This may force me to use broadband, but I doubt if that will make any difference.

    Anyone experienced this type of thing before? Any suggestions. I rang my ISP and it is not my PC nor them. Could be delayed information coming out of Dealforfree in the UK or a router problem?
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