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    Fundamentals would support the breakout theory.

    Troy needs to get their act together, next step announcing finalization of the cut-back. This is very important for two reasons, first of course continued production from existing operations.
    I think OC resource figures cannot include all the gold found so far without much more drilling. But it is not a problem, Troy will define the resources/reserves over time.
    Also the test pit is a no-brainer, should give us a couple of thousand ounces directly below surface, essentially a small cash injection. If that small pit becomes the starter pit is not clear. Maybe the starter pit will be located at the north or at the parallel structure to the south (which maybe looks lower grade but more consistent). Troy needs to get ore from OC on a production scale in March-June 2020 the latest. That could involve - depending on starter pit location - going down to 40-60m.
    Getting the cut-back finalized would be proof that Troy is up to the challenge of managing day to day operations while doing a larger cut-back / waste stripping operation at the same time.
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