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    Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2002 at 12:45:13 AM
    Subject: Techie stuff ... time cycles for unbelievers and skeptics .....

    Hi folks,

    Last year, we had the market high for the
    second quarter on June 29th, 01 ... this year,
    the same time cycles indicate that we will be
    shooting for a market low on 7-10th June,2002.

    Two other dates to be alert for market turns
    in some stocks will be 15th May, 2002,
    21st May, 2002 and 27th May, 2002 ....

    Then, July/August should see a change in
    sentiment away from those retail "home-goods"
    stocks and then it will be the turn of the
    casinos, entertainment and theme park stocks.

    Most chartists rely on their analysis of
    price alone to make their trading decisions
    .... this means they are using only half of
    the relevant information available.

    Analysis of the TIME axis of ANY chart
    provides us with more information, so that we
    can make better market timing decisions.

    "Time and knowledge, our scarcest commodities." - yogi

    top trades


    P.S. From 150602 to 080602 double check all information
    received about ALL aspects of your trading,
    before committing your money to any trade ......
    forewarned is forearmed ......

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