tea and playing to keep warm tonight

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    Hi All

    Well it is cold and fire blazing and we are playing chase the small ball around the room to get extra warm. Plus fun banging into each other and laughing.

    Any way food on the way, yes I am coming to stir the food again :-)

    Hot meal tonight, home chicken, vegies and more vegies hard to get on the plate before being eaten. Wooden spoon good to keep those finger away :-)

    Gravy, too lazy it will be packet with some crushed vegies in it. Yes we love out vegies and plenty of them too.

    Baked potatoes, shop having no luck with them again.

    home made vegie soup

    Main lot so hot chicken, vegies and source and I will cook some bread in the fire and some like to make sandwiches at the table and even sing at the table oh how rude :-)


    Anyway back to the kitchen, I am getting hungry.

    Have Fun
    Trees and CO

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