WCU 0.00% 23.5¢ white canyon uranium limited

tcf you arent credible mate

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    i recall many moons ago when you were ramping gdn ... then downramping it and getting back in. You wrote some very informative posts after you bought in, and very negative when it suited you.

    Frankly you seem to be doing the same here .. WCU has a bright future, I dont know of any other U players that have achieved as much as WCU has moving from explorer to producer in just 22 months since ASX listing.

    You make so many assumptions about Denison ..why do you assume there will be no toll milling agreement with them when the company has indicated the initial ore purchase agreement was to meet technical assessment parameters required by Denison ?

    This is just another self serving downramp. My advice: Buy some more at this price .. its a real opportunity in my opinion.

    Cheers glow
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