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    Hi Tawny

    You seem to know a bit about the merits or other of options, and you seem to have a new interest in TEY. So any thoughts on why the options are always trading at a discount to the shares? I've been buying a few over the past two months as a bit of a long shot gamble. I like the boards diversifing into new uses of geothermal energy. As their tenements may not be as hot as GDY's yet are close to existing power stations using the preheating seems a good option. This is a bit by the by as the main interest I have in the options is the 2010 expiry date I figure this gives the Co time to develop to a point where 25cent options look like a good thing. The worry I have over the GRK options is they (the Co) also need time to develop but the 2008 expiry is looming.

    Mindly TEY is my gamble, GDY and GDYO are the vast bulk of my geothermals. I see GDY doing a lot before their options expire so the risk I think is vastly diminished.

    Any thoughts.. and have I got my expiry dates right?
    Also I hear there is a new Tasmanian geothermal preparing for IPO. Will know more tomorrow I hope.

    I too wonder at the where abouts of Dex.

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