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    tgd tasgold...daily planet dpl G'day Asmizon,
    If you reckon this report needs interpretation then try reading PTS's efforts over the years, including the current one.

    TasGold (TGD) is dropping like a rock today....down 3.5 cents....maybe some are able to read between the lines.

    Last trade at 10.5c for the head stock yet someone has a bid in for 100k TGDOs @ 3.1.
    For my money, if you are a believer, the FPOs are the way to go at this price.

    Having said that, The Melbourne "Age" last week gave TGD a real bagging, saying that the only good thing about the spin-off, was David Boone, who was involved in the promotion.

    Might be a lesson there, beware of listings/promotions involving "celebreties" who aren't in the field. Although, drawing a long bow, one could see a vague relationship using the "Baggy Green" as the criterion.

    Now today's "Daily Planet" float, with Heidi pushing the barrow, is a totally different kettle of fish....although some say the smell is the same!

    Cheers & good luck if you have taken a position.....either with TGD or on Heidi.
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