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tas re your pineapple

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    Well after espousing so-called "rumours from the rig" early in the week, its pretty obvious someone was happy to play all you short-termers a merry dance this week with the classic pump and dump. Here was my response to tas' ramping and rumour-mongering for which I was dutifully sledged.

    "In all seriousness though if this isnt a dollar by weeks end tas, does that mean we all get to give you a pineapple?
    My optimistic prediction is 27.5c by friday barring further US turmoil. Anything above that is fanciful and verging on irrational considering the lack of production data."

    I think I might do all the ST's a favour and fly over to Qld. I'll bring back the Big Pineapple and gift it to tas on your behalf. Once again I will re-iterate, any normal chart data has been distorted by the dramatic drop in SP. DT's will manipulate this for their gain until the bigboys jump on again. There is no guarantee bigboys will jump on post-Blackwood as it is not a company maker. Use your heads people. I am not saying it is a bad buy or down ramping i'm just saying dont get conned it is still a very risky play. Ask any broker. I still hold.
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