Tanya Plibersek talks to Alan Jones - says the election campaign is “not a memory test”., page-67

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    "For interest I just checked your last 100 plus posts. Not one on MARKET information. After 3 pages I didn't go back any further to see if any were actual ASX info sometime in the past. After all this is a Stock Forum. I suggest then that you are either just trolling political posts or you have a political agenda as a political mole.Come forth and be identified. Can I suggest a moniker change. The one you are using is deceptive."

    Very amusing post!

    Take a free kick:

    PEX....... the next "Line of Load"

    CVN & STO sitting on more hydrocarbons than a AGW Alarmist's wet dream

    The Southern Cobar Basin in NSW and the Patterson in WA will host the next Giant Mineral finds.

    In three years time from now, remind me what about what I said above.


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