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    Indeed there are other uses for Tantalum, but the spot prices are indicative of a major oversupply situation.

    SGW will bring on extra production capacity through the rest of this year ($100 million investment) and on current world consumption this will give SGW alone enough to feed some 40-50% of world consumption, which according to Cabot has "dropped" 8% this year alone.

    Further there are so many announcements of new mines new deposits and expansions, including the recent one in Saudi which is projected to be the largest in the world and will give even SGW a run for its money as the world's number 1 deposit, if it ever gets up.

    All this doesn't add up to a very good picture for the Tantalum market...oversupply and low prices for the foreseeable future me reckons...

    AND I would be very nervous about Cabot's position...

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