tangled vine estate 4l wine

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    never heard of this mob before - but cold it is perfect

    The cask tasted good, like goon, but not strong goon and smelt sweet, like white wine. It had no bite and no strong after taste and actually tasted pretty smooth. I poured myself a nice tall glass of it and not once had to screw my face up in sour disgust.

    This is a spectacular goon, definitely one of the best out there and I am yet to get a hangover from it so that’s a plus.


    grapes cost $4 or $5 per kg - and 1 litre of wine (ie grape juice) weighs about 1kg.  so 4 litres of grape juice costs about $2.50 per litre... give watso that grape juice any day - way better than buying grapes

    no wonder JC turned water into wine at a marriage ceremony​
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