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    Simply amazing what the idiotic directors are doing and saying! To quote:

    * Future projects early stage and uncertain and, if viable, will require substantial new investment We have noted that the future value of development assets is uncertain and their technical and financial feasibility remains to be proven.

    How come they approve these projects in the first place??

    * There seems little doubt that if the offer does not proceed MIMs share price will fall significantly With the recent downward movements of the market for resource shares and the loss of the takeover premium, it is likely that the MIM share price would fall significantly if the offer does not proceed.

    That confirms my WIN-WIN scenario. I am sure Vince Gauci can extract an extra 10 cents for the deal, right Vince?

    I am seriously thinking of buying $1.70 June Puts at 8c.
    If vote is YES, share price probably jumps back to $1.68 and I can cut loss at 3 - 4c (hopefully).

    But if the vote is NO - big BUCK$$$$.

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