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    banana man - swinging from the vines, eating his banana - but what is this - he is swinging from grapevine, and he hears a rumour on the grapevine, that samsung is interested.

    i recall donkey years ago, there was this company called belltech - and there was rumours going around - by the time it got to the end of st georges tce, they were going to build jet fighter engines. truth was, that they recycled some crap pot invention, from some guy, who had developed a jet engine, which had no moving parts. was a good story though - i had bought a few options at 1c, because some guy, closer to the action had heard a story - but never said what it was. they were delisted, and when they were reinstated, i sold the oppies at 25c. mind you, i did not have all that many options
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Currently unlisted public company.

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