SLA 0.00% 3.9¢ solagran limited

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    3. Important Dates and Important Notes in Short prospectus
    3.1 Important Dates
    A. Prospectus Lodged with ASIC and ASX Friday 7 November 2008
    B. Announce details of the Rights Issue Friday 7 November 2008
    C. Record Date Thursday 20 November 2008
    D. Last date for Mailing of Prospectus Monday 24 November 2008
    E. Closing Date Monday 8 December 2008
    F. Trading commences (deferred settlement) Tuesday 9 December 2008
    3.2 Important Notes
    This Prospectus is dated 7 November, 2008 and was lodged with ASIC and ASX
    Take note that the last opportunity to be eligible to take up the new issue is 20th November with payment due by Dec 8th in other words SLA could/will make a substantial announcement between the 21st Nov and the AGM which would reward the holders and not allow newcomers the benefit of the issue[unless directors choose to do so to "friendly Indians" Thus making everyone very happy little vegemites at the meeting. Do you really think they would risk another meeting like the last one. No Way HOSEH It is I believe in ever holders benefit to take up the allocation as the directors are rewarding the faithful .I am sure they have any untaken shares ready to go to the friendly indians after all if half were taken up the other 10 million at 10 cents is only a mill and the friendlies have already outlayed 20 mill they would then have 60 mill ords around 10 mill contribs and this allocation of 10 mill. Nice holding to lock out predators. I say go for it folks as many as you can get.
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