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Take note guys: Abnormal trading

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    Please take note guys: Some time ago, we discussed a mr M. and some of us expected him or his group or some another group to buy heavily once the bottom was reached: Volume: 11.5 mill. yesterday and again today.

    The following post may upset any theory; Ozestock, ASC post 2911:
    " You got a point, Larry; seems that one or a group is buying big but want them as cheap as they can get them. As you say, when the situation "gets out of control" for them -prices rising too fast-, they drop a million.

    At the end of day, they would have obtained a considerable number of shares at lower cost than they would have in "uncontrolled" trading.

    ASC is rising slowly, sometimes 1 cent, then 0.5 cents a day. However, as more shares are being "locked up", the price will continue to rise, I think. Anyway, next Friday's Announcement is pretty close.

    An ASC buyback would interfere with these trading practices.

    Those are my opinions,


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