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take it like a man i say to hedge funds

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    well its about time these hedge funds cop it in the arse for all the pain they have inflicted on the average person in the street.

    BNB makes $750m in profit and is only trading on around 7x 2009 earnings now. If the market was back to normal it would have a forward PE of 17x, meaning a $36-$40 price.

    I hope we see BNB back above $25 shortly, even better that the sellers all line up at $25 a share and make the shortsellers get hammered even more.

    How many of the other quality companies out there (NAB, CBA, ANZ, MQG, WBC etc) have been massively oversold? I will be writing a letter to my super fund and margin lender to see if they are actually lending out stock. If they are i will be make arrangements to change providers, i would also recommend that everyone does the same thing.

    When the weight of numbers turn on these providers lets see how long they keep lending out our stock for.

    Power to the people i say!!
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