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take it easy

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    My my my, what discontent! I think most of you are over analysing this stock, by the way I am of those that has heard JT's voice. This stock will move up when it is ready to go. Sicilly, nanook and a few others who have filled this forum, slow down mate you are scaring the natives. Nobby, you are the only one that has kept his cool, you are all acting like it is all doom and gloom and I do not believe that it is. How is it that I was expecting it to go down to the 60's and I still hold and I have not sold and I firmly believe in this company, again I say I have full confidence in JT and management. God, one minute it's JTfor PM when the sp is going up, the next minute you are all after his hide when it's going down. Like a bunch of school kids.You have to take the good with the bad or just plain get out and stop bagging this company. Ever heard of patience, if you have none....then get out.cqt will get there and I'm still holding.
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