Thanks for the music post @Margaret63 - memories came flooding...

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    Thanks for the music post @Margaret63 - memories came flooding back.  In my group, rock was not IN but I found it OK
    to be different.

    After the booster my energy is returning and I gave the garden a good drink this morning.   Phone and texts have not stopped.

    Dog friend had a bit of a headache the day after her booster but is OK now.  She has also asked me to let the beast out for
    number 2's on Friday when she is at the tennis.  That will be a joy.  He gets so excited to see me and forgets why I am

    Unbelievable heat over in the west in some areas @makingmoneystill - makes sense to work when it's a little cooler.

    Our summer seems mild compared to some years but who knows what February will bring.  It's often the hottest month
    when schools go back.
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