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    Hi @big e et al: I seem to get caught up in the more argumentative threads, posting on WWI and WWII - but had enough of people who can't be bothered to do any research and just spray their ossified opinions all over the place. But I was tired; I am finally tackling the tidying up of what goes for a backyard - today I dealt with the leaves, gave it all a good soaking, but am tired. A little more to go.

    I am going to space myself, just a certain area per day, but had to put in a big effort in order to give me something satisfying to look out on.

    Youngest daughter caused me much strife on the weekend telling me what to do, I should sell, and so on and so forth - I finished up making a rather lame joke at which she took offence and was off like a rocket. So we are not talking right now - that's alright, too - I had worse this year, but am better. and my skin is a little prickly, I think I got sunburnt - not a good thing. So far have had very few skin cancers, 3 in all, the benign kind, must watch this.

    My Lillecat is delighted every time I am out in the 'yard' and keeps tracking me, if I sit down she comes along, wants a pat, if I am raking stuff up, she wants to play. Honestly you would think she is a kitten, but she is a respectable 12 years old.

    Regards and good wishes to everyone on here - I won't be posting much, I have a huge work load to get my teeth into before X-Mas.

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