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    One very busy morning for me and the penny dropped - hardware opens early.  I went local and had a laugh with a
    few there.
    As much as I like the prices at Bunnings, for just a few things my local is supported.

    Seven QR's in total and got them all.

    China's demographics have improved with the pandemic - millions more younger than they thought so they would be
    happy with that.

    I must have looked exhausted by the last stop and asked the shop next door what time they opened.  Lovely lady raced out
    with a chair for me to sit on while I waited.  LOL  So considerate.  He opened at 11.  Not a long wait.

    1254 new cases in Victoria and the lovely lady in the bank had to tell one guy he was supposed to be masked.  
    She did it very quietly and without fuss and served him but apparently his reply was not nice.
    I'm sort of glad I didn't hear the exchange.  I'm not sure how long an ambulance would take to get to me.  LOL
    He was BIG, younger and fitter.

    Potatoes - yes please @makingmoneystill - any way except peeled.  Garlic in the mash and steamed, baked anyway AND
    hot or cold.

    Not a drop of rain here - yet.  It will eventually though.

    One little company I know of would be flat chat over in Spain.
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