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take a look at her

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    She'll do very well in the months to come....

    The price has been demolished and now the b usines plan is complete ala NMS. Goldman Sachs has been buying at 20c. Really tight and may be a mulitbagger very soon.

    Two Way, Tabcorp to set up wagering service on FOXTEL
    17:02, Friday, June 08, 2007

    Sydney - Friday - June 8: (RWE Australian Business News) - Two
    Way Ltd (ASX code: TTV) had signed an agreement with Tabcorp Holdings
    Ltd (ASX code: TAH) and FOXTEL to develop a pay TV wagering service on
    the FOXTEL platform.
    The service will initially be offered in NSW and Victoria,
    subject to regulatory approvals in each state.
    Once the service is introduced, Tabcorp account holders with
    FOXTEL will be able to place bets via the Sky Racing Channel.
    Wagering on the service will be password-protected and will not
    be accessible without an active Tabcorp wagering account.
    Under the five-year agreement, Two Way will pay FOXTEL $5.6
    million in two tranches, with the first 50 per cent to be paid on
    completion of today's agreement and the remainder payable upon
    commercial launch of the service.
    Following launch of the service, Tabcorp will pay a service fee
    derived from wagering turnover through the service.
    Two Way will retain 100% of this fee until it reaches a total of
    $5.6 million, after which Two Way and FOXTEL will split the fee equally.

    Back in Dec:

    Investor presentation and interview:

    Cash Flow Statement & Investor Update:

    $14m cash on hand.

    TTV (Two Way TV)

    Soon to expand but shares are extremely hard to acquire. Worth keeping an eye on.

    "Two Way TV (TTV) is an interactive media application company. It provides enhanced TV entertainment and interactive TV applications and technology to the Australian interactive digital television market. TTV has an exclusive and perpetual licence acquired in 2000 from Two Way TV Ltd in the UK to operate in the Australian & New Zealand markets. Under this licence the Company has access to the large library of digital, interactive TV and mobile media applications already developed and used by Two Way Media. As at Dec. 04, the company main products are Interactive Games and Interactive Racing applications
    Interactive TV applications / Games: TTV provides the content for the MindGames Channel provided on a 24/7 basis for a monthly subscription by Foxtel and Austar on their digital services. As at Dec. 04, TTV has game channel agreements with Austar and Foxtel in place.
    Interactive Racing applications: TTV has an exclusive contract with TAB limited to establish a service that will allow viewers to place bets on races conducted anywhere in the world and broadcast in Australia. The service is intended to be launched commercially during 2005. As at Dec. 04 TTV created 2 proprietary racing applications called �eQuick Bet�f & �eTotal bet�f
    Acquisitions: TTV acquired Holotype Pty, an interactive television company that has developed a number of interactive television wagering and sports betting system."

    Two Way TV agreement with Tabcorp extended
    13:18, Friday, 30 June 2006

    Sydney - Friday - June 30: (RWE Australian Business News) - Two
    Way TV Australia Ltd (ASX code: TTV) today announced its agreement with
    Tab Ltd - now owned by Tabcorp Holdings Ltd (ASX code: TAH) - had been
    extended beyond June 30.
    The new end date is September 30, and may be further extended at
    the discretion of Tabcorp, following further discussions between the
    Under the agreement, Two Way has the appointment as the
    exclusive supplier of an interactive TV wagering service on the Sky
    Racing channel.

    Two Way TV in three-year deal

    10:10, Tuesday, 22 August 2006

    Sydney - Tuesday - August 22: (RWE Australian Business News) -
    Two Way TV Australia Ltd (TTV) has signed a three year deal to provide
    interactive games to leading hotel in-room technology and entertainment
    provider, MagiNet Pte Ltd.
    Two Way will supply the first casual gaming service on the
    MagiNet systems installed in premium hotels throughout Asia Pacific and
    the Middle East.
    Two Way's games are designed to work on internet protocol
    television (IPTV) gaming platforms, and are perfectly suited for the
    MagiNet technology platform.

    Two Way TV signs deal with M2B Game World
    10:25, Friday, 25 August 2006

    Sydney - Friday - August 25: (RWE Australian Business News) -
    Two Way TV Australia Ltd (ASX code: TTV) has signed a three-year deal to
    provide interactive games to online games provider M2B Game World Pte
    Ltd, via the Global Broadband TV service owned by Amaru Inc (a US-listed
    Nevada-based company) and marketed worldwide through Amaru's M2B World
    subsidiaries in the US and Asia.
    The Global Broadband TV service enables subscribers worldwide to
    access over 40 channels of video-on-demand programs under the M2Btv
    brand, using any high-speed broadband connection, through M2Btv's PONY
    set-top box that also offers video conferencing features without
    additional telecommunication charges.
    M2B Game World, a provider of 20 online games with an integrated
    micro-payment system on its MagicOverLoad platform, supplies and manages
    all interactive games content on the M2Btv platform.
    Two Way will provide the first network-wide casual gaming
    service through M2B Game World, targeting markets in America and Asia.

    Sydney - Thursday - August 31: (RWE Australian Business News) -
    Two Way TV Australia (TTV) has triggered a defined negotiating period
    under its agreement with Tabcorp Holdings (TAH), and both parties are
    working towards finalising a distribution deal for an interactive TV
    wagering service.
    Two Way and Tabcorp have an agreement whereby Two Way is the
    exclusive supplier of an interactive TV wagering service on the SKY
    Racing channel.
    Further to this agreement, Two Way and Tabcorp are working
    together to complete a distribution agreement with a subscription TV
    operator by 19 December 2006.
    This date supersedes the current end date of Two Way’s agreement
    with Tabcorp, which is 30 September 2006.

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