TAB on it's way to 3.50 ignore if you wish--Cheers

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    Look at your post.....a perfect example of the crud you post in here.

    It means absolutely nothing to anyone.

    For christsake, give it a break and take a good look at yourself, your posts are not the actions of a balanced personality.

    I took a look in Stockhouse this morning and see that you are flooding that site with this garbage too, what is your motive? Writing all these posts is surely taking up a lot of your time but for what reason? Please don't say it's to inform people because your post at the start of this thread is totally uninformative.

    So why waste your time posting all this stuff when it's obvious nobody wants to listen?

    This infactuation of posting ad nausium is the not the work of someone who has a balanced mind, surely you must agree.

    If you want to help people with stocks, can I suggest you start up a web site and any genuine followers can go there to try and decipher your ramblings, ok?
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