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    PTD's chart certainly seems horrible - but I didn't see any of your "TA" Jolly. Do you know what TA is? Why don't you show the last 2 years instead of one year - it gets a bit more interesting.

    I'll say this though, that unless PTD makes an announcement to the effect that it has signed long-term royalty agreements with either J&J or Abbott or both, within about 3 months, that the PTD show is over. Without any announcement on royalty deals PTD will sink way below its $2 support line.

    Unforunately, PTD has a pretty weak management crew who either don't know or don't care about market perceptions of their company. And once again, the shareholders will pay for that weakness. PTD need a new crew at the helm. Or they need plenty of $$$$$ coming in to restore any confidence in this company.

    Your ravings don't help Jolly. Like making people squirm do you?
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