A2M 2.52% $4.88 the a2 milk company limited

TA price target 1.06 A2M

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    i was just looking at the A2M chart an it's not pretty

    From the yearly high of 2.36 to a low of 1.28 A2m is in a deep bear primary bear trend with a bear continuation pattern playing out

    Bearish indicators on the weekly monthly an six month charts with a bearish divergence showing a likely steep fall continuing TA wise

    FIB retracement is 1.18 with Gaps at 1.06 an 95 cents the gap will get filled as the one did At 1.30

    The gap I talked about in the last few months at 1.30 was filled an the trend is down a break of 1.35 should see that gap get filled at 1.06

    FA wise if the results are ho him
    Or only just meet guidance with the regulatory changes in China you could see a MGC like sell off I think the chinese will ratchet up changes to suit them selves they always do in my opinion only

    The dairy industry faces severe over supply issues an with fathers selling off stock will the current glut turn to a supply issue ?

    I wonder also that the changes in China have to have an effect on earnings forecasts going forward re EPS growth going forward

    Shorts are also going to attack these dairy stocks in my view hedge funds have been playing with investors this weeks big jump in a volume sell off was a massuve warning sign in my view

    Thoughts ?
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