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ta mistybay

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    Had a yarn to Misty today. Can I tell you he's one happy chappy. After all it was Misty who first alerted Hot Copperites to both PRR and SLT and there's no doubt about that. Misty was talking PRR when most people thought it was the noise from a pussycat and SLT when most people wanted to add a "u" to it.

    Well take it from Cloud of Sparrows, PRR and SLT are in good hands. If SLT can accelerate their hep C diagnostic kit their market cap is going to make you get giddy. It's a homegrown world first with patents in place to protect their revenue stream that will result from the ensuing contracts.

    Cellestis has a market cap of $110 million or there abouts and I'm telling you now that SLT has far more potential so if they're anywhere near Cellestis they'll be 4 bucks plus. And any way if their market cap is only half that they'll be over 2 bucks so who gives a toss.

    Misty told you of PRR and SLT and the real sleeper in the bio field is PBI. It's going to really boogie it's so tightly held.

    And remember out of a Misty Bay appeared a Cloud of Sparrows.
    PS Who's that plonker who was going to get SLT at 33. Mmmmm - perhaps in his sweet dreams.
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