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    very pleased to see AH posting at HC..
    I ran the formula posted below
    It was written and posted on Stock Central by (Amory-
    I hope you dont mind the repost here)

    colA: close
    colB: ref(close,-1)
    {I like to see closing price today & yest. at first glance}
    colF: V>0 AND Ref(V,-1)>0 AND Ref(V,-2)>0 AND Ref(V,-3)>0 AND Ref(V,-4)>0 AND V>200000
    {a clumsy but effective way to eliminate rarely-traded duds, I forget who came up with this one}
    Filter: ((Ref(H,-5)=HHV(H,21) OR
    (Ref(H,-4)=HHV(H,21) OR
    Ref(H,-3)=HHV(H,21) OR
    Ref(H,-2)=HHV(H,21)) AND
    C>Mov(C,40,E) AND C>Mov(C,180,E))
    AND colA>Ref(CLOSE,-1) AND
    Peak(1,H,10)<=1.1*Peak(2,H,10) AND
    Peak(1,H,10)>=0.9*Peak(2,H,10) AND
    Trough(1,L,10)<=1.1*Trough(2,L,10) AND
    Trough(1,L,10)>=0.9*Trough(2,L,10) AND
    H<=1.1*Peak(2,H,10) AND L>=0.9*Trough(2,L,10))
    AND colF=1
    It brought up MAY last night at a very interesting position on the charts, appears to be in stage 2 building a Right hand shoulder mid term and rising from retrace short term..
    any opinions on the TA please
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