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    t4p, saw your reply to my rough estimate - thanks for that and I hope that figure is correct as it changes things a lot! Anyway, reason for the post was that I wanted to know your thoughts on this Galoc situation.

    I was just thinking about the Galoc situation as it stands at present. I guess we know what we have been told in the asx releases that the Cape & Team can continue what they have been doing (whatever that was!!!) and Nido can take expressions of interest from others.

    I can't help but remember something you posted some time ago regarding self funding and I dismissed it as the number being thrown around was about $40 million (not sure if that was US or aussie?).

    Do you think that Nido are considering self funding GALOC? If this were the case - how could they and how would you feel about that as a shareholder?

    Would a potential AIM listing be part of such a move?

    Sorry - might be posting crap, but just trying to determine what is really going on and would appreciate your thoughts as no doubt you have been thinking about the Galoc situation too?

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