XEC 1.48% 1,646.0 s&p/asx emerging companies index

T20 Holds 82%, NO Debt!! Buying Opportunity.

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    T20 Holds more than 82%
    Debt free with 2.6m Cash
    Executive Director Holds 268m shares
    Director buying on market,
    Directors continue to investigate opportunities to participate in joint ventures and acquire projects in Australia and overseas.
    Stakes in Uranium projects worldwide, Gold and Magnesite in the Philippines and Iran and then 40 acres of land freehold in Fiji,
    Holds 20% of ASX (DTR) a number of Targets Drill ready.
    The top 20 in the latest annual report is full of familiar and interesting names, Gleneagle securities (Lance Rosenberg ) between Spinitie Pty Ltd and GlenEagle accounts hold 122m shares 11.3% by my count.

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