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T/A sometimes it's easyer if you paint a picture

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    T/A is often too hard when you see it as equations and formulas. Often a picture is easier. Alot of T/A stuff is based on the same maths as the projectile stuff we all did in physics at school but promptly forgot.

    Here is some stuff on volume.......

    Imagine your stock is a jet airplane. Price is controlled by the joy stick you can fly up down or level. However in order to climb you need fuel for the jet engine and that fuel is buying volume (Positive volume ). Lets start flying level on say quarter throttle. If we pull the stick back to climb but leave the throttle where it is, we will climb a bit but quickly lose airspeed and have to descend back to out original altitude. The only way to climb is to pull back the stick and open the throttle (Positive volume ). Now we are climbing gradually but if we try to pull the stick too far back for the throttle setting we start to stall and have to drop the nose to regain airspeed before climbing again (The standard thrust and retracement pattern of a creeping up trend). OK we are climbing steadily – let’s open the throttle to the max and pull back on the stick. We go faster and faster, steeper and steeper until our F111 supersonic jet is in straight up vertical climb Yeeee Haaa. Now unfortunately, the Tom Cruise Top Gun stuff has exhausted most of the fuel (buyers). The engine starts to splutter and flames out but we are still going straight up on momentum. Then we stall, wobble, lose all flying control, hang in the air for what seems like an eternity and now because we are pointed straight up with zero thrust and zero airspeed we are totally rooted. It’s eject time and new underpants please cos the plane is going into a death spin. If you stay with the plane you are now spinning out of control to the ground with no engine (buying volume). In addition to that you are now spinning down out of control and the engine reignites still on full throttle (selling volume, ) hurtling you towards the earth and oblivion. If you are lucky you might regain control cut the thrust and pull out of the spin. By now you have lost half your altitude. You are now in a dive but flying again. Pull hard back on the stick (cue the world war two bomber movie images) and you level off after losing 75% of your altitude. Pulling up out of the dive you have enough airspeed to climb again and with emergency fuel remaining you can climb back up to 50% of your original altitude. With all the fuel (Buyers) burned in the meteoric ascent all we can do is glide back to earth. Drop 3000 meters down, pick up enough speed to climb back op 1000 meters, stall, nose down again etc. (The text book step falls with failed retracement rallies) If we can glide in for a soft landing without crashing we can refit, refuel and maybe fly again another day.

    The story above was based on the flight log of the high performance Metal Storm jet fighter in 2001 . And the moral of the story is that inexperienced and kamikaze pilots just watch the altimeter whereas the good pilot is monitoring the thrust and fuel consumption..

    You would monitor your fuel with OBV, Money Flow Index or Chakin Money Flow indicators among others. Some programs will let you plot various moving averages of volume.
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