JAK jackson minerals limited

t/a + chart

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    HI Rakia,

    i know very little about the stock,

    as well as this i have not been watching the gold indice's either,

    so all of this is based on the chart's only,

    firstly the daily chart has very little imformation for me to work with,

    so this is a weekly chart,

    it is my belief that this stock could go lower,

    before bounce-ing back again on week volume,

    the ADX 14 is below it's buy trigger, [ not good ]

    volume is very very low [ not good at all ]

    Rakia this stock has very little to offer just by looking at the chart in my view,

    as you can see with the blue trend line's this stock look's as if it is going to trade in this wedge for some time to come,

    the only way it will break out of this is with a very good announcement,

    you can do better my friend,

    good luck to you,

    p/s i do not hold.

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