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You can ask me questions all day long mate, I don't mind at all...

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    You can ask me questions all day long mate, I don't mind at all and it helps me learn myself. First, you are basically very correct. I believe that chart you have there is US Central Time. I am on the east coast and an hour later than that. The US regular trading hours futures sessions start with the cash equity session at 09:30 ET or 08:30 CT. I usually go with ET because of NYSE. Doesn't matter, it equates to 23:30 Australian Eastern Time at present. The high volume you see begins at the start of the cash equity session and the regular trading session ends at 15:15 CT or 16:15: ET, a quarter hour after the cash session close. There is a 15 minute pause and the low volume session starts up for another half hour at 16:30 ET and stops at 17:00. Then the new Globex session starts at 18:00 ET or 08:00 AET your time. This is all very confusing so I will put some notations on a chart for you...
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