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    Firstly ERG has not spent $700 million on R&D. $250 million is closer to the mark.
    Visa, Europay,Mastercard,JCB, Amex etc are very interested in increasng market share.
    Our govt is very interested in cutting costs and is happily considering all avenues for greater cost efficiency.
    PWI's tech is widely used in all Visa/Mastercard/Amex cards. Its architecture is the primary foundation for the majors. Indisputable.
    There are a over a $1billion of contracts currently on offer.
    ERG and Cubic have won over 30% of all transit contracts.
    Rome is cutting edge. Lazio will follow.
    If Cubic is so powerful and superior explain to me why San Francisco and Washington DC and Seattle chose ERG when it was at its most vulnerable.
    ERG has won the court battles convincingly.
    Its tech is far superior to Cubics. A fact acknowledged by Cubic and clearly recognised and understood thru out the scard world.

    Your desperate grab for cash shorting a stock that is experiencing growth pains consistent with so many other companies in the industry is typical.Good luck.

    But your opinions, unsubstantiated and lets face it, total nonsense, reflect the disdain you have for so many that frequent this board that have more than a passing interest in ERG.

    ERG may appear to you to be a dog as you put it.But the dog has teeth, and one hell of a future.
    So save your garbage for the less educated like yourself.
    Btw I think you will find that ERG has its transit collection systems in over 200 cities thru out the world.
    A statistic that Visa et al are very much aware of.
    cheers moron.

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