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Syntonic shares going nuts on ASX

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    Shares in Syntonic, which makes data usage for Pokémon GO cheaper, jumped by almost one quarter when the sponsored content services company listed on the ASX today.
    A short time ago, the shares were trading at $0.037, up 23.3%, from the offer price of $0.022. Syntonic opened on the ASX via a backdoor listing through Pacific Ore Ltd.
    The Seattle-based Syntonic enables sponsored access to Pokémon GO on the AT&T network in the US.
    The company’s product Freeway lets application developers, content providers, mobile operators and advertisers pay for a subscriber’s mobile data usage.
    “Pokémon GO is a global phenomenon that has engaged millions of users around the world and it’s a perfect use case for sponsored data,” says CEO Gary Greenbaum.
    “The game is more compelling outside of physically limited Wi-Fi networks, providing a great experience over cellular networks as part of its geographic discovery, which bridges the real world with a virtual world, but can also quickly eat away at a user’s monthly mobile data limits.
    “By delivering access through sponsored data with Freeway by Syntonic, users can freely engage with the game without impacting data usage.”
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