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    I've only skimmed over this, and I'm sure everybody here received the same email from [email protected]?

    "Chapmans enters multi-billion dollar global clean-tech sector."


    Chapmans Limited (ASX: CHP), through subsidiary Chapmans Opportunities Limited (COL), has entered the massive global waste treatment industry via a strategic 25% equity holding in breakthrough plasma gasification business Syn Dynamics Australia Pty Ltd (SDA).

    Plasma gasification is a next-generation extension of gasification, the process by which carbon based material is converted in to synthetic gas, or ‘syngas’.

    SDA has developed a patented next-generation plasma gasification technology that converts a wide range of waste material into high value syngas. Unlike other brown-to-green gasification technologies, SDA’s technology converts 100% of waste material into clean syngas – other competing technologies typically achieve conversion rates of 30% - 50%.

    It can also treat a wide range of waste material including toxic waste, hazardous waste, contaminated soils, biomass and landfill, in addition to solid hydrocarbons.
    This is a ground breaking clean-tech opportunity, poised to enter the commercialisation phase with a massive potential addressable market globally. The global market for toxic and hazardous waste remediation is in excess of $50b with typical SDA customer onsite treatment plant contracts expected to be in the $100m - $500m range for 5 year renewable terms.

    Hazardous waste recycling is the fastest growing sector within this market with approximately 20% AAGR. SDA’s plant design is modular and consumes much lower power levels which makes it much more affordable and accessible for mass market adoption.

    Syngas is a proven global commodity with a wide range of commercial uses. There are more than 300 gasification plants globally involved in clean gasification of coal in coal-fired power generation and conversion of waste material into clean energy (syngas).

    SDA has developed its plasma gasification technology over a seven year period. This included a highly successful Proof-of-Concept Project at Queensland University of Technology, comprising 120 separate batch tests over a 12 month test period. It now has an operating pilot plant and COL’s investment will help drive commercialisation in major global markets.

    SDA’s initial target market is hazardous waste from oil refineries and chemical plants. This represents a huge market opportunity, as oil refinery and chemical manufacturing industries globally have chronic storage, environmental and public health issues with the storage and treatment of its waste including huge balance sheet risks and insurance costs.

    SDA is currently engaged in pre-sales discussions with global oil refinery, chemical manufacture and mining industry companies over the adoption of its plasma gasification technology.

    To establish a world’s best practices research and customer testing centre, SDA has entered into an initial one year agreement with the CSIRO to further test and develop the company’s test plant including the processing of prospective SDA customers’ bulk waste samples ahead of entering into long term exclusive supply agreements.
    Chapmans is also mandated to advise and list SDA on the ASX within the next 6 - 12 months.
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