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    I was one of those Nexus / IPT shareholders who was misled , if I could use that soft expression to describe what pain I have endured through previous managements, however with all sincerity I am pleased with the current management and their abilities to get the job done.

    I'm all would agree that this company was a basket case some 12 even 10 months ago with no hope of future success.

    The odds were stacked against it with the costly legal disputes between the company and its previous directors, an unnecessary distraction preventing the company going forward.

    Since then the company through its team of honest and competent mangement has turned the corner by
    1. Recouping some 66 million shares from 2 previous directors.
    2. Established an income stream which continues to grow as more customers are signed on.
    3. No long term debt.

    As Companies look to increase profits one such way is to improve their bottom line through cost reductions, Synergy is such a company that may assist them.

    As a result of my confidence in the company's future prospects, I have actually increased my holdings in them
    at these low prices.

    One of the most promising developments I believe is the company's Online Ticketing & Authorisation Solution

    Extract page 3 of their qtr report.
    "SYNERGY is currently holding discussions with a number of potential joint development partners
    to facilitate the development and enhancement of a base ticketing web services solution. Joint
    development partners will allow SYNERGY the opportunity to further develop and enhance the
    base ticketing solution such, that additional value added services can be provided to the customer
    SYNERGY is evaluating Online Ticketing & Authorisation Solution opportunities throughout the
    Asia Pacific region."

    This Ticketing solution through the Royal Perth Yatch Club will I believe compete with ticketek.

    This together with their Data in crypt back up systems and their numerous other solutions make this company one to keep an eye on.

    Hope this helps explain a bit about them.

    As always do your own research .
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