sydney's dams drop again

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    Plea to save water as dams drop again
    December 3, 2004 - 3:31PM

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    Sydney's dam levels dropped only slightly this week despite soaring 40 degree temperatures across NSW.

    The NSW government today released figures showing dam levels had dropped by just 0.4 per cent over the past week across the Sydney catchment area.

    "The dams have only dropped a further 0.4 per cent despite the extreme hot temperatures across the city, bringing the combined dam level to 43.3 per cent," Energy and Utilities Minister Frank Sartor said.

    He said the inflow rate to Warragamba Dam was now 620 megalitres a day, although the dam's storage level had dropped to 39 per cent capacity - its lowest level.

    Mr Sartor urged the city's residents to use water wisely, with the hot days set to continue.

    He said households in Sydney, the Illawarra and Blue Mountains had saved almost 78.5 billion litres of water since mandatory restrictions began in October last year.

    "Our conservation over the last week hasn't been so good," Mr Sartor told reporters.

    Advertisement"But then I can forgive Sydneysiders because it's been a very hot week."


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