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    NSW advised to consider Sydney water recycling. 24/09/2004. ABC News Online

    [This is the print version of story]

    Last Update: Friday, September 24, 2004. 9:35am (AEST)
    NSW advised to consider Sydney water recycling
    A New South Wales Government advisory panel on water has recommended more restrictions and the recycling sewage and storm water to help cope with increasing demand.

    The panel was put together by Premier Bob Carr last year, with its recommendations to form part of the Government's overall water strategy.

    The final report says desalination should not be ruled out but only considered at a time of catastrophic drought.

    The State Opposition has urged the Government to accept the recommendations.

    Energy Minister Frank Sartor says the report forms just part of the input the Government is receiving on the issue.

    "That report is one of the inputs into the Government as it prepares its metropolitan water strategy," he said.

    "It will of course be superseded by the Metropolitan water strategy and that will be a comprehensive strategy which will cover all the issues necessary to secure Sydney's water supply."

    Opposition energy spokesman Brad Hazzard has backed the report's recommendations.

    "Frank Sartor is pushing the desalination line, it's clear from the expert report that re-use should be the focus," he said.

    "What the Opposition is saying is the Government should stop squabbling amongst itself and accept its own panel's recommendations."

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