sydney, melbourne among world's priciest citie

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    "The strong Aussie dollar is giving Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane the unenviable reputation of being among the world's most expensive cities, a global survey shows." SMH
    Sorry I disagree. It's not the strength of the AUD that's causing this rise in cost of living, but the blatant practice of ripping off people in the absence of any noticeable watchdog or government regulations.

    When the Aussie dollar was 80c and a barrel(159L) of oil was $150US the price of petrol was 145c / L in Mel.

    Now the dollar is 1.07 and oil $96 and we're paying 145c/L also

    150US ./. 159L= 0.94 ./. 0.70 = 1.34c Au a litre. Margin : 145-135= 11c

    96US ./. 159 = 0.60 ./. 1.07 = 0.56c Au. // // Margin : 145 - 56= 89c

    that is an 800% increase in 4 years. The cpi increased during that time by 25-30%.... a public servant level5 pay was 53K 4 years ago... Today it's 63K only. work that out???

    Last year during the potatoes farmers dispute with a well-known company in Ballarat ( an hour's drive from Melbourne) they were getting 25c for a kilo of spuds.
    Retail price was 380c a kilo in Melbourne that's a margin of 1500%. Work that out ???

    Last week cattle was auctioned at Aurora for $400 a head (used to be $1000) because of the export problem!. But we still pay $25 a kilo for average rump steak. Work that out??

    it's a never ending story. Greed is thriving and cartels are getting stuck into the Australian consumer... There is no protection, logic or honour in a black market.

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